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Finance improves your value proposition

Sell More Equipment

  • Offer low monthly payments and make equipment acquisition easy for your customers
  • Enable your customers to order additional equipment that they may not have purchased due to cash constraints
  • Increase transaction size and profit margins by selling monthly payment

Sell More Often

  • Make is easier for your customers to acquire new equipment, upgrade current equipment, or add on to existing equipment as their needs change
  • Develop follow-up selling opportunities and build a long-term footprint for repeat business

Improves Your Cash Flow

  • Reduce your “days’ sales outstanding” from net-30 sales and eliminate fees paid to credit card companies/debtor finance companies
  • Get paid fast with rapid funding on documented and installed systems

Download the Brochure to find out;

  • Key Benefits for end customers
  • Four ways to acquire: Purchase, Rental, Rental Plus Service and Print Plan
  • How it works