Gift That Makes Sense

Our mission is to change some families Christmas for the better! Everyone deserves to experience the joy of Christmas!

COVID-19 has hit families in the Philippines hard. The Department of labor and employment (DOLE) has estimated that 10 million workers may lose their jobs because of the pandemic.

CreditReboot employs a number of Filipino’s in an offshore operations capacity and we’re committed to maintaining our Corporate Social Responsibility by giving back to the community where we can.

Batangas Province in the Philippines has been hit hard this year with the eruption of Taal Volcano in January (39 dead and half a million people displaced for months) and Covid-19 (lockdowns ongoing and schools remain closed). Christmas is the Rainy Season and the time of year where Typhoons are more likely to make landfall in the Province. Already several large Typhoons have caused significant widespread damage. As always the poorest are hardest hit.

To that end we have arranged for Christmas relief goods to be delivered to some of the poorest families in and around Batangas City.

This is an enormous Christmas bonus as each pack is worth about p1,200 (or 4 days work) which is equivalent to an Australian (on min daily wage ~$150) spending over $600 just on grocery products and is far more than any Filipino family would ever spend at Christmas!

Each pack contains basic staples of corned beef, meat loaf, sardines, cheese, coffee, spaghetti & sauce and local treats of fruit cocktail, condensed milk, biscuits, snacks and of course, some candy for the kids.